Past Workshops


June 23 – 24, 2012 – Arvada CO – The Arvada Center for the Arts.

Past Workshops

Cj Jilek & Heidi Kreitchet

Perspective on Surface and Process

Cj Jilek and Heidi Kreitchet are presenting their workshop as a study on surface and process.  Artists approach these two concepts in very different ways. Heidi’s intuitive response to the clay during the creative process is what drives her work. Her reaction to each piece determines the finished sculpture. Line, form, and texture are important elements to each piece. Throughout sculpting, Heidi is imagining the woodfire surface and how each piece will benefit from the firing process. In contrast, Cj’s concept of the form determines the surface processes utilized during herconstruction process.  Cj uses surface development from construction to glazing to create a form with many layers of information. While demonstrating two different ways of working in clay the artists will engage the audience in techniques and styles that are exciting and dynamic.

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Recent Workshop in St Louis, MO

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