Handcrafted Porcelain Jewelry

My jewelry designs evolved while experimenting with surface studies for my biomorphic sculptures. I spend a lot of time looking at and thinking about things on a microscopic level. While experimenting with ideas for new surfaces to reference skin, pores, pollen, and cell growth I noticed each trial was a mini piece of art in itself. The jewelry allows me to share my love of textures and the intricacies of surface in a wearable format.

Each piece is made from porcelain starting with a smooth form created in a press mold.  Then the fun, and the work, begins. Each dot and line are individually pierced and drawn with a variety of mark-making devices to create the biomorphic patterns.  My process, as I make the marks, references how cell growth occurs, one cell being pushed to the side by the next. Similarly, each mark combines with the one before it making patterns that create a new dimension to the surface of the form.

My mark-making tools include skewers and chopsticks that I’ve carved patterns into as well as traditional metal working tools. The wide variety of tools combined with my repetitive stamping technique allows for endless options.

I enjoy the contrast of textures and use black stain to make these surfaces pop. As an artist I’m particularly fond of process exploration. The jewelry provides an avenue for continued exploration of surface. This ongoing evolution has inspired recent pieces featuring polished white porcelain evoking the texture and feel of bone, coral or ivory. I’m also experimenting with accent colors and soon lusters. Check back to see the results.

Not all of the options are shown here, but you can get a feel for how you can mix and match shapes, designs and soon surfaces. Prices range from $55.00 – $175.00 USD plus shipping. Pendants come with a complimentary choker. All rings are adjustable.

Until I get my shopping cart up and running please email me with questions and orders –

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